Cooksville Creek SWM Pond

In 2012, Aquafor Beech Ltd. completed the Cooksville Creek Flood Evaluation (CFES), using the Master Plan approach with the primary objective of the study aiming to ‘reduce the occurrence of ravine flooding for dwellings and properties adjacent to Cooksville Creek’. Secondary objectives included: reduce the extent and frequency of erosion; improve water quality conditions within Cooksville Creek; and improve aquatic habitat conditions. Park 317 was one of 13 proposed sites which, if implemented would assist in meeting the objectives of the Flood Study. The site consists of vacant park land located at the headwaters of Cooksville Creek, north of Matheson Boulevard West.

In 2013, Schollen & Company Inc. was retained by the City of Mississauga with Aquafor Beech Ltd. to undertake the design of the Cooksville Stormwater Management Facility at the 11-hectare Park 317 site. The design aimed at positioning the proposed stormwater management facility as a unique recreational and cultural destination within the City of Mississauga. Proposed as the centrepiece of the Concept Plan is Cooksville Lake, a 2.8-hectare body of water positioned to be a prominent visual feature along the Matheson Boulevard frontage and that will include amenities such as recreation walking trails and “look-outs” for pedestrian use.

The facility is designed to attenuate over 166,000 cubic meters of flood volume during major storm events in addition to providing water quality and erosion control in order to meet secondary objects of the original study. Over 400,000 cubic meters of material was excavated from this site to facilitate the construction of the pond.