Glamorgan Trail

The Glamorgan Trail within the Meadowvale Conservation Area in Mississauga is situated along the Credit River and presents the local community an opportunity to experience nature within an otherwise highly urbanized area. The looped granular trail and unique stairway system situated within a floodplain provide a recreational amenity that will benefit the residents of the neighbouring communities and the City of Mississauga at large. This trail provides a connection to the Culham Trail system which, when completed in the future, will create a connected trail from the Toronto Waterfront to Brampton. The development of the trail segment also affords the potential to celebrate the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Credit River through the integration of interpretive elements into the design of the trail.

The trail follows the bank of the Credit River and traverses floodplain wetlands. A dramatic stairway climbs the valley wall to provide access to the trail and open space system within the neighbourhood community. The design process included consultation with the Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA) with the objective of securing the permits required to implement the trail within the valley.