Honda Canada Campus

Honda Canada prides itself on creating products that emphasize environmental responsibility. In developing their new head office campus, Honda was interested in demonstrating the potential of new technologies to achieve environmental objectives. In response, the Honda Canada Campus was designed to integrate new and emerging Low Impact Development (LID) techniques in order to achieve water quality, stormwater management, water and energy conservation and employee well-being objectives.

The design for the campus incorporates the following landscape-based technologies:

  • Rainwater harvesting to supply water for irrigation
  • Smart Irrigation system to calibrate irrigation regimes to plant needs
  • Biofilters to treat runoff from parking lots for over 1000 vehicles
  • Permeable pavement
  • Bicycle parking (35 bikes)
  • Naturalized corridors
  • A recreational trail system to enhance employee well-being
  • An outdoor courtyard for socializing
  • Native plant material
  • Designated car-pool, hybrid car, and motorcycle parking areas
  • Energy efficient lighting and controls

Overall, the key aspect of the site is the stormwater management system conceived by Schollen & Company Inc.. This system replaces conventional water basins and storm sewers with a network of landscaped biofilters and permeable connection pipes. The system discharges clean water to the Rouge River. Rooftop runoff is collected in a cistern for reuse as a supply for the irrigation system. Native trees and plants abound and the finished landscape is aesthetically striking while achieving Honda’s vision of a clean, minimalist design.

Schollen & Company Inc. was responsible for defining the overall configuration of the site to ensure that the layout of buildings, access roads and parking lots would optimize the ability to utilize the planned biofilter/infiltration stormwater management system. Schollen & Company Inc. generated the technical designs for the various components of the stormwater management system while ensuring that each element of the system was integrated as an amenity within the finished landscape. It was critical to Honda Canada that on the surface, the landscape plan for the site achieved their corporate aesthetic and conveyed the company’s philosophy of thoughtful, efficient design. Schollen & Company Inc. oversaw the construction of the integrated stormwater management system and landscape work.

The Honda Canada Campus has emerged as a prime example of sustainable, forward thinking design and serves as a demonstration project for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), City of Markham, Region of York and Canada Green Building Council.