Markham Green Street Demonstration Project

The City of Markham initiated this project with the objective of establishing a new “Green Street” model that is intended to set the new standard for street design within the City. The initial stages of the project were aimed at confirming the objectives that the Green Street would be designed to achieve. The primary design objectives for the project included:

  • Stormwater management (quantity control)
  • Stormwater management (quality enhancement)
  • Enhanced urban tree canopy
  • Water balance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Accommodation of multi-modal transport and active transportation
  • Ease of operation/maintenance
  • Aesthetics and integration with urban context

The design of the Green Street includes bioretention cells, permeable pavement and attenuation cells to manage stormwater runoff. The system has been designed to promote the growth of the trees that are to be planted in the bioretention cells by sustaining appropriate soil moisture levels. The bioretention cells are intended to be planted with masses of native grasses and perennials, limiting requirements for frequent mowing and maintenance and establishing a unique aesthetic signature for the street. Lighting will be high efficiency LED powered by wind or solar generators. The street has been designed to address winter conditions and the requirements for snow removal. The Green Street demonstration installation will be monitored to gauge its performance. Various types of inlet structures are intended to be installed to evaluate their performance and ease of maintenance. This project will inform the development of new street design standards for the City of Markham.