Sherwood Park

The Sherwood Park Management Plan was completed over a two-year period commencing in September 2002. The process of generating the Sherwood Park Management Plan was one of evolution and refinement, rooted in participation of the community through public meetings, an open house, and consultation with stakeholder groups and the City of Toronto.

The Plan was conceived as a practical tool to guide the restoration and management of Sherwood Park. As part of the project, a number of the plan’s initiatives were implemented including the upgrading of one of the park’s entrances, a staircase upgrade, park wayfinding and interpretive signage, the decommissioning and restoration of an unsafe trail and a number of vegetation management and environmental retention initiatives.

Leading a multidisciplinary team of engineers and environmental scientists, Schollen & Company Inc. managed all aspects of the project from site inventory and analysis, and document review to public consultation, concept development, and plan development. For specific management initiatives being implemented, the preparation of tender drawings, specifications, and on-site construction project management was also undertaken by the firm. The project required the assimilation of a vast array of information obtained through the public consultation process, fieldwork, and design investigations to create a succinct yet thorough document that will guide the long term management and restoration of Sherwood Park.