Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre site encompasses approximately 25-hectares and is situated adjacent to the Mclntyre river in the City of Thunder Bay. The site includes a number of sensitive environmental features, such as wetlands and Black Spruce Bogs, which contribute significant baseflow to the Mclntyre River, sustaining a significant coldwater aquatic community. Schollen & Company Inc. was retained to develop an integrated concept plan for the site, which addressed stormwater management, and habitat protection and enhancement as integral components of the hospital’s landscape. The concept plan for the Thunder Bay Hospital was generated as the product of an intensive two-day working session with the Regional Hospital Environment Advisory Committee in September of 1999. The working session brought together representatives of the agencies having a stake in the hospital project, including local environmental advocacy groups, regulatory agencies and the City of Thunder Bay staff, with the overall goal of developing a comprehensive concept plan designed to address a range of environmental, functional and contextual issues.

The plan was approved and Schollen & Company Inc. was retained to prepare detailed landscape designs and working drawings for the entire site including roof terraces, courtyards, interior landscaping, stormwater management facilities and habitat enhancement areas. The role of Schollen & Company Inc. included collaboration with renowned Canadian sculptor Ron Baird to integrate public art into the various landscaped areas around and within the building. Schollen & Company Inc. was also involved in the design of donor recognition elements, playgrounds for pediatric care areas and secure courtyards, which are integral components of the forensic psychiatric care areas. The thematic approach to the design of the landscape for the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre was focused on interpreting the unique character of the Northern Ontario landscape through the creative use of landform, plant material, water and stone.