York University Life Sciences Building

The Life Sciences Building at York University is a state-of-the-art academic and research facility that completes the “Sciences Quadrangle” within the Keele Campus. The landscape for the building was designed to address the unique functional requirements of the building while creating the important gathering space within the campus. The design of the landscape incorporates a number of sustainable design initiatives including on-site stormwater attenuation, filtration and infiltration systems, a rainwater recycling system, a green roof and high reflectivity paving materials. The landscape also completes an art piece that extends outward from the existing chemistry building into the Sciences Quadrangle.

The landscape for the Life Sciences Building integrates art and symbolism to inspire and motivate. As the final piece of the long-incomplete Sciences Quadrangle, the landscape creates an important gathering place in the central campus. The landscape incorporates innovative sustainability initiatives that are integrated with internal building functions including a rainwater harvesting and filtration system that supplies water for flushing and cleaning of laboratory areas. The landscape compliments the architecture by reflecting the colours and forms of the façade. Exterior spaces extend interior functions outward into the landscape.